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March 24, 2018

Summer Institute at Duke

Get an introduction to the fast-growing eld of health care research and gain foundational knowledge and applied skills from leading experts. June 4-6, 2018 Click here for more information

March 24, 2018

Partners and Alerts in Medication Adherence: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Poor medication adherence is common and limits the effectiveness of treatment. Click here to read more. 

March 24, 2018

Medication Adherence Apps: Review and Content Analysis

Medication adherence is an expensive and damaging problem for patients and health care providers. Patients adhere to only 50% of drugs prescribed for chronic diseases in developed nations. Digital health has paved the way for innovative smartphone solutions to tackle this challenge. However, despite numerous apps available claiming to improve adherence, a thorough review of adherence apps has not been carried out to date. Click here to read more.