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June 26, 2017

Patients’ Journey to Medication Adherence

The objective for the Bass Connections Project is to get insight on patients’ motivators for a better medication adherence. The project will focus on understanding the patients’ feelings and thoughts on medication adherence through using focus groups and interviews. For more information click here.

February 21, 2017

21st ESPACOMP Conference (European Society for Patient Adherence, COMpliance and Persistence) – 2017 in Budapest, Hungary

Save the Date: The 21st ESPACOMP meeting will be held on November 30th-December 2nd in Budapest, Hungary. Abstract submissions can be submitted here. Any findings, including (but not limited to) randomized controlled clinical trials, behavioral and other interventions, epidemiological, quantitative or qualitative, and mixed methods research related to medication adherence are welcome. Please refer to for more information.

February 13, 2017

Suboptimal Medication Use and Adherence – the Intersection of Research, Implementation, and Policy Conference Update

The first Suboptimal Medication Use and Adherence: The Intersection of Research, Implementation, and Policy Conference was held in Washington, DC on December 5th-6th. Nearly every facet of the medication use process was represented, including perspectives from providers, researchers, patients, payers and pharmaceutical companies. Attendees shared strategies to help improve medication adherence and overall health outcomes, identified areas for future research and collaboration, and recommended policy options to help achieve these goals. More specifically, the collective discussions and recommendations from the participants focused on three high priority areas to address: patient incentives, information, and integration. As a next step, we will continue to consider the potential for new partnerships and begin to lay out an implementation roadmap for optimal medication use based on the priorities discussed during our meeting. Please refer to our conference overview document for more details.